Alpha sit to stand desk optimisationEach Alpha sit to stand desk offers a range of features and accessories to ensure optimum performance.

Intelligent designOur Alpha Sit to stand desk designs are based on ergonomic principles and comply with Australian Standards.

Our Alpha sit to stand desks are carefully designed, with reference to and an excellent understanding of ergonomic principles. The Alpha Focal 1200 and Alpha Expert 1200 desks are designed for single task operations such as computer work (AS/NZS 443:1997). The Alpha Focal 1800, Alpha Expert 1800 and both the Corner and Nook desks are designed for keyboard and clerical work use (AS/NZS 443:1997). Every desk allows for adjustment of keyboard height as outlined in AS/NZS 443:1997. Furthermore, our desks comply with the 'Worksafe - Officewise - A guide to health & safety in the office' recommendation stating 'electric height adjustment of the workstation is most appropriate'. Most importantly, our desks allow operators to change postures between sitting and standing which has many beneficial effects.

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Features Where engineering and ergonomics meet.

Sit or stand at your desk

Electric height adjustment at the touch of a button allows the user to easily and quickly adjust the desk for optimum sitting or standing positions.

Extensive range of surface finishes

Eight core surface finishes to choose from. An extensive range of surface finishes including solid timbers are available at an additional cost.

Smooth movements

Smooth, quick (38mm/s) and silent transitions between sitting and standing, ensures you don't disturb others or spill your drink.

Custom designs

We specialise in custom design solutions using the latest CAD software, allowing you to see your design before proceeding with an order.

Height control panels

Flush mount or bottom mount height control panel options vary between desks. Some control units include memory functions, display monitoring of desk height and other data.

Cable management

An optional power rail with 10 power outlets (fastened to the frame) travels with the desk. A wire grid prevents cables from hanging around.

Range of colours

Hard wearing clear anodized frame and grey lifting columns are the standard colour. Black or white powder coated frames are an optional extra at an additional cost.

Anti-collision technology

Linak Piezo technology prevents material damage to a desk or object if a collision with a solid object occurs. The sensor is integrated in the legs with no visible changes or extra mounting.

Zero technology

We use environmentally friendly control boxes that use Linak ZERO technology to lower standby power consumption to just 0.1W.

Optional desk control software

The program reminds you to adjust your desk, counting the time standing as well as the calories burnt in addition to standard desk panel features such as up, down adjustment, up to 3 memory positions and height read-out.

Optional cable cover panel

Removable acrylic panels, covering the underside of the benchtop on the rear and side (100mm in height, available at time of desk order only).

Optional privacy panel

Removable acrylic panels, covering the underside of the benchtop on the rear and two side (300mm in height, available at time of desk order only).

Optional in-desk module

Optional flip box (in-desk power and communication).

Designed in Melbourne Australia

All our sit to stand desks are designed and hand crafted in Melbourne Australia, from local and quality imported parts.

5 year warranty

Our Alpha sit to stands desks are warranted against failure due to a manufacturing fault for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. Extended warranty available upon request.